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Bumps "Bunnie" Love (dates unknown)


Image courtesy of the Mutual Musicians Foundation*

Bumps “Bunnie” Love was a highly acclaimed blues pianist and vocalist from Kansas City, who sporadically disappeared and reappeared from the local scene throughout a span of about 15 years. Once Love joined the Local 627 in February 1958 under the name Bumps Love Foster, she immediately emerged as an active performer, filling the void of the recently passed and beloved blues pianist and vocalist Julia Lee.

Her career began with an engagement at Oscar’s Lounge, often with her trio, followed by the Hi Lounge, where she played nightly for most of 1959, often with blues pianist Charlotte Mansfield. Love also subbed in saxophonist Curtyse Foster’s band during this time. Love took a year long hiatus in 1960, perhaps to have a child, but remerged just as strongly, this time as a solo artist with regular engagements and The Colony Lounge, The Star Lounge and The Read Head Lounge. After just a year, Love vanished from the scene again – this time, for a whole decade. When she reemerged in 1972, she once again rebounded quickly, with regular, nightly engagements Gigi’s Lounge and The Dugout Lounge for not even one year before disappearing from the Kansas City scene for good.

Bumps Love subs in with the Curtyse Foster Band, backing up a young Myra Taylor*

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*Image courtesy of and with permission by The Historic Mutual Musicians Foundation, INC.

Images owned by the Mutual Musicians Foundation are displayed for educational purposes only. This photograph is not free for use.

*Image courtesy of LaBudde Special Collections, UMKC University Libraries

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