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Coming soon!

The following women will be added to the database soon:

  • Sauna Reif, a trumpet player from the 1980s (and onward)

  • Jeannie Cheatham, a blues pianist, vocalist and composer

  • Bettye Jo Miller, a pianist and trombonist from the 1970s, daughter of Bettye Miller

  • Pearl Thuston Brown, pianist and vocalist

  • Kim Sivils, pianist on today's scene

  • Ruby Lucas, drummer and pianist from the swing-era, partner to Tiny Davis

  • Virginia Rose Johnson, swing-era drummer

  • Rebecca Kite, percussionist from the 1970s-80s

  • Carol Williamson, drummer for Calico

  • Helen Marquette, drummer, was a member of the KCWJF house band

  • Sylvia Bell, pianist and vocalist on the scene from the 1960s-2000s

  • Angela Wellman, a trombonist from the 1970s–80s

  • Stephanie Stanley, a trombonist on today's scene

  • Kathleen Holeman, a pianist, vocalist and trombonist on today's scene

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